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We are an international company headquarted in Fridley, a suburb of the Minneapolis - St. Paul community.

Since 1997, we've been helping mostly US and Canadian companies save money on their web design SEO, graphics, computer hardware and software expense, labor, office, support and customer service costs by contracting with them to do many of these tasks for them.

With established staff in India, Bangladesh, Mexico, Philippines and here in Minnesota, we have the contacts to recruit and contract talented, well educated and experienced international workers willing to do this work for a fraction of the cost of doing business in the USA and in Minnesota.

Much of this work can be done more efficiently and cheaper offsite, remotely. Many of our clients have been with us for years and years.

Our Services

  • Data entry and data processing
  • Catalog/shopping cart work, online and or print
  • Image editing, cs4, Photoshop, image manipulation, photo scanning
  • Email filtering, answering, invoicing, bid creation, transcription
  • Website updating,
  • Web design, including html, Asp,
  • PHP, (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Codeigniter, Magento, CakePHP)
  • Visual FoxPro, ROR., .Net
  • Coldfusion, visual foxpro, asp., ruby on rails
  • Front end developer, QA testing.
  • Mobile (iPhone, iPad, iPod, Androiid, Blackberry)
  • SEO work, both onsite and offsite.
  • Web hosting, ftp, etc
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